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Booklist A-C


(A - C)


100 Ways to Enhance Self Concept in The Classroom

1798 A Commerative Booklet

1999 National Assessment of Mathematics Achievement

2000 National Assessment of Mathematics Achievement

3rd to 6th Class Walk Tall Prevention of Substance Misuse


A Book of Make Up - Eric Ward

A Brief Description of The Irish Education System - Department of Education and Science

A Different Kind of Discipline - Tony Humphreys

A Different Kind of Teacher - Tony Humphreys

A Fresh Look at Writing

A Guide to Insure Safety And Security

A Part of Ireland Now 10 Refugee Stories

A Resource Bank on Relationships Work it Out - Marilyn Harvey

A Resource Bank on Self Esteem What If - Marilyn Harvey

A Resource Book on Actions Should I Should'nt I - Marilyn Harvey

A Response to The Green Paper on Education - Department of Education

A Room With a View

A Short History of Winetavern Street - Emer Purcell

A Study of Irish Text

A Study of The Effects of Calculator Use in School Examinations

A Teachers Guide to The Reading Literacy Achievements of Irish 15Year Olds

A Wall without Stone - Terry McDonagh

Abhar Admhaainni Clar Idirbhliano

Access 97 Further Skills

Access and Achievement Supports

Access Opportunities Drama - NCCA

Access Opportunities English - NCCA

Access Opportunities Introduction - NCCA

Access Opportunities Mathematics - NCCA

Access Opportunities Music - NCCA

Access Opportunities Participation - NCCA

Access Opportunities Physical Education - NCCA

Access Opportunities Social Personal and Health Education - NCCA

Access Opportunities Visual Arts - NCCA

Access Opportunities Gaeilge - NCCA

After School Education And Youth Support

After School Support

Agenda for Change

Alana Centre For Early Childhood

All You Need to Know

Alpha to Omega - Beve Hornsby

Amalgamation of 1st Level Schools

Amalgamation of 2nd level Schools

An Approach to School Review

An Evil Cradling - Brian Keenan

An Irish language Course for Beginners: Primary School Teachers - Dept of Education and Science

An Sclabliai - Colman O' Raghallaigh

Approaches to The Teaching of Reading

Archaeology in The Classroom - Limerick Education Centre

Archives Resource Box - Abbey Theatre

Area Development Plan Lake District Enterprise

Arion Catalogue 2003-2004

Art of Drama Teaching - Michael Flemning

Arts in Schools 2004 - The Arts Council

Ask Me Guidelines For Effective Consultation With People With Disability

Aspergers Syndrome - Tony Attwood

Assessing Attainment - CK Titlle

Assessing Personal and Social Development

At Home with Science 1 - Godfrey Hall

At Home with Science 2 - Godfrey Hall

At School With Socrates

Attainment in Physics - Department of Education

Attainment in Physics

Austism in The Early Years A Practical Guide

Autism in The Early Years - Julia and Gill Val

Autistic Spectrum Disorders A Guide to Classroom Practice

Awards and Opportunities 2000 - Arts Council


Babies Need Books - Dorothy Butler

Beads Badgers and Bangles

Before Writing - Gunther Kress

Beginning Drama 11-14yrs

Beginning to Read - Marilyn Jager Adams

Beginning to Teach - Department of Education & Science

Benchmarking School Science Technology And Maths Education in Ireland

Benchmarking/School Science Technology and Mathematics

Beyond Nostalgia The Catholic Ethos of Post Primary Schools - David Touhy

Bi Slans

Big Guide to Irish Childrens Books

Biology Leaving Cert - Department of Education

Birds of Ireland

Blueprint for Literacy Success

Books to Enjoy - Wendy Cooling

Brain Gym Teachers Revised Edition

Breaffy - Breaffy National School

Brief Description of The Irish Education System - Department of Education


Business School Entry 2001


Ca Bhifuil Tala

Cairt Don Oideachas Sna Blianta Romhain - Department of Education

Cambridge Encyclopedia of English Language

Campaigning And Influencing 2003 European Year of Disability

Careers and Our Children - Ciara Kane

Catalog Cheoil Clo Iar Chonnachila

Cats Eye - Margaret Atwood

Celebrating 10 years of Cumann na mbunscoil - Cumann na mbunscoil

Ceoil Ar Sinsear 1923

Ceol Na G'Cat

Charting Our Education

Chemistry Guidelines For Teachers - Department of Education

Chemistry Syllabus Leaving Certificate - Department of Education

Chemistry Teachers Handbook - Department of Education

Child Protection Guidelines for Post-Primary Schools - Dept Education and Science

Childbirth Graphics

Children and Parents Enjoying Reading

Children Feeling Good - Tony Humphreys

Children Learning to Read - Seymour WItzkoff

Childrens Literature and Policies of Equality - Pat Pinset

Childrens Reading Print and TV - Muriel Robinson

Choice Control - William Carleen Glasser

Choice Control 2 - William Carleen Glasser

Choice Theory - William Carleen Glasser

Cinema Paradiso

Civic Social and Political Education Report on Surveys of Principles and Teachers - Civic and Social Political Education

Classical Studies Junior Certificate - Department of Education

Club Manual Guide to Management and Development

Collaborative Action Planning

Collaborative Professional Development Strategic Plan - Sylvia Russel

College Guide 98

College Guide 98-02

College Guide 98-03

Coming to Live in Mayo - Mayo Citizens Advice Information Service

Commision on The Points System

Commission on School Accomodation

Commission on The Points System

Confident Children

Constructive Conflict Management

Convention Handbook

Coping with Bullying in Schools


Counted Out

Creating Conditions for Classroom Improvements

Critical Theory - Nice Peim

Cu Chulainn to Kavanagh

Cumann Na Mbunxcol Mhaigheio AGM 1997

Cumaun Na Mbunscol An Coiste Nausiunta

Curaclam na Bunscoile Teanga

Curriculum Guidelines Attending and Responding

Curriculum Guidelines Attending and Responding

Curriculum Guidelines Attending and Responding

Cáorsa Ullmháocháin don Scráofáo le hAghaidh Cáilá­ochta sa Ghaeilge - Dept of Education and Science

Customer Service Statement

Customer Survey - Department of Education & Science

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