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Creative School Clusters


Creative School Clusters 2022/2023


Minster Foleys Creative Clusters Press Release: Creative Clusters Press Release

This Press Release also includes the full list of schools participating in the 2022 Creative Clusters throughout the ESCI Network.

Creative Clusters is a pilot initiative of the Department of Education and Skills, led by and in partnership with the 21 full-time Teacher Education Centres (Education Support Centres Ireland - ESCI) and funded through the Schools Excellence Fund – Creative Clusters Initiative.

Creative Clusters is an important initiative of Creative Youth – A Plan to Enable the Creative Potential of Every Child and Young Person, which was published in December 2017 as part of the Creative Ireland Programme. The Creative Youth Plan aims to give every child practical access to tuition, experience and participation in art, music, drama and coding by 2022.

The purpose and aims of Creative Clusters

The purpose of this pilot scheme is to demonstrate how creative practices can support clusters of schools to work together to address common learning challenges over a two-year period.

It aims to:

  • Promote new ways of working and collaboration between schools and the arts and cultural sector
  • Improve teaching and learning
  • Provide an opportunity for clusters of schools to experiment, innovate and collaborate on the design, implementation and evaluation of a bespoke creative learning project
  • Develop the creativity of learners and teachers
  • Understand, whether clustering schools at different stages of their journey in using creativity in the classroom and in developing longer-term partnerships is an effective model for developing and embedding practice in schools.

What is a Creative Cluster and how many schools are involved?

A Creative Cluster will typically consist of between three and five schools collaborating on the design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of an innovative creative learning project which supports them to address a common issue or challenge. Creative Clusters will include schools at different stages of their journey in using creativity in the classroom.

Clusters can consist of primary schools only, post-primary schools only or a combination of primary and post-primary schools. In selecting the clusters to participate in the scheme, the initiative will seek to have all three configurations represented.

Clusters can be drawn from existing networks or result from the creation of new ones. Each cluster must nominate a lead school. The lead school must identify a Creative Cluster Coordinator who would normally be a member of the school’s senior leadership team.

Substitution costs to the equivalent of 1 day per term for the duration of the pilot project will be provided for the Creative Cluster Coordinator. If the application is successful the coordinator will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operation of the project and will act as a single point of contact during the duration of the project. The other schools in each cluster must nominate a representative to participate in the project.



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